Express Entry: Potential Candidates

Canada Immigration Service

Canada has a new procedure for processing Federal Immigration applications from Economic Class Immigrants. This procedure, or method for deciding on the priority to be assigned for selecting an application for processing, is  known as Express Entry.

To qualify under the Express Entry process and enter the pool of applicants, applicants must first meet the criteria for one of the older programs: the  Federal Skilled Worker, Federal Skilled Trades Class, or Canadian Experience Class programs.

All applications need to complete language testing (tests of English and/or French) approved by Citzienship and Immigration Canada (CIC), and some applican ill need to have their qualifications assessed before they can apply.

Before they are allowed entry to the Express Entry pool, candidates who are found to be eligible will need to register with the Canada Job Bank. After they enter the pool, their profile will be visible to potential employers. Those candidates who are successful in obtaining a job this way, as well as those who have a Provincial Nomination, receive an extra 600 points.

To decide who will be selected to the pool of applicants receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA), CIC uses a scoring method known as the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).   The computer algorithm developed for CIC allows a variety of criteria to be set each time it is run, but in each case will select the candidate with the highest CRS score. Candidates who have been awarded an extra 600 points have a high likelihood of being selected. selected