Family Class

General guidelines for family class sponsorship

Canadian citizens and permanent residents (aged 18 years and older) may (under certain conditions) sponsor a spouse or immediate family member for permanent residence in Canada.

Sponsorship applications filed and processed outside Canada retain the Right of Appeal to the Immigration Appeal Division if the permanent residence application is refused.

If you are sponsoring a spouse to whom you have been married for at least 2 years, or have children together, your husband or wife will receive full permanent residence on approval of the sponsorship application. Common-law partners (persons with whom you have been co-habiting in a marriage-like relationship for at least one year) are granted conditional permanent residence, and have to live together with you for at least 2 years in Canada for the conditions on their permanent resident status to be lifted.

The Liberal government has however announced their intention to give all sponsored spouses and partnersunconditional permanent residence when their application is approved; this change is expected to take effect in Spring, 2017.