Do you have recent business management experience and have become wealthy? Perhaps you have acquired significant wealth as a result of your success as a business owner, a business manager, in professional practice, or as a manager in a large organization? Some of this wealth may have been inherited, or you may have acquired it all through your own efforts? If this sounds like your situation, you may be the type of immigrant Canada wants.

Canada welcomes business immigration and investment. Canada offers an environment that is supportive of business, an effective legal system, a strong economy with established trade links across the globe, and proximity to the United States market

Canadian business immigration may be based on a passive investment, where funds are deposited with the Province of Quebec. The funds will be returned after 5 years without interest but in the interim the investor will have their permanent residence application processed. No funds are invested until the investor has been approved for the program by the relevant government authority.

There are also entrepreneur programs (for instance the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program for Business) which require a more active role to facilitate Canada business immigration. Our effective business immigration service can enable potential business immigrants to identify or start businesses and then enable them to immigrate to Canada based on a proposed investment in a business and the creation of jobs. We work with the business owner in setting up his or her Canadian business and then to meet the terms and conditions we negotiate with the authorities on their behalf.