The British Columbia Provincial Nominee program is an entrepreneur program which offers rapid entry to Canada,initially on a work permit. It is a flexible program, which allows you to negotiate with the Province the terms and conditions your business will need to meet within the first two years of operation for you to obtain permanent residence. Regional programs require a net worth of $400,000 plus.The minimum investment required for the Regional programs is $200,000. If you want to start a business within the Greater Vancouver area, the requirements double i.e. $800,000 net worth is required, and a $400,000 investment is required.

The Provincial authorities in British Columbia require all applicants to meet the conditions of their Performance Agreement, which requires them to invest in the Province of BC and create jobs.

Other Provinces offer aspiring business immigrants programs with slightly different  requirements. We are able to advise you fully on all of them.

For further information or more details about immigrating as a business person, please complete our confidential Business Immigrant assessment or Contact us.