The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (IIP) can potentially cater to an unlimited number of persons with business experience and and  Advanced Intermediate Level (or better) in French. The required investment amount when the program re-opens in August, 2018 is expected to be $1,200,000 and the required net worth the applicant needs to demonstrate from legal sources is expected to be $2,000,000. All figures are in Canadian dollars.  Applicants who do not have the required level of ability in French can still apply, although there is a limitation on the total numbers of applications accepted on this basis.

This is a program for persons with at least 2 years of recent managerial experience, including professional persons such as doctors, dentists, and lawyers who have employed at least 2 full-time staff. The only other requirements to immigrate are the absence of criminal convictions and getting through the government medical test.

For those persons who have achieved significant financial sucecss, and do not want to rely on running a business in Canada in order to immigrate, the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program offers a way to to do so. For applicants in this category, unconditional permanent residence can be obtained, based on a 5-year deposit of the investment amount with the relevant government authorities. The funds, which the government uses for economic development, are returned to the Investor without interest after 5 years. We can facilitate financing for the investment through reistered finacial institutions who are intermediaries for this program, freeing you to use your remaining funds for whatever purposes you wish, In addition our sources can make mortgage financing available to you for the purchase of a residence. Financial institiutions set their own rates for this financing. Irrespective of whether you use the financing option, your funds are completely secure as they are guaranteed by the Province of Quebec.

Investors who have children intending to study in Canada, may also benefit through lower tuition fees and the many scholarship and bursary programs available to Canadian residents.

For further information or more details about immigrating as a business person, please complete our completely confidential business class assessment.