US Immigration Applications

US immigration applications

To live and/or work in the United States of America:

US permanent residents and citizens enjoy visa-free access to Canada.

In conjunction with our associates in the United States who are immigration attorneys, we are able to offer professional legal services for all U.S. immigration matters. This can allow you to legally work or live in the United States.

It is very important to have professional advice and/or representation when seeking entry to the U.S. even on a temporary basis, as if your application for a temporay visa is denied you will likely not be issued a U.S. visa in the future.

It may be possible to enter the US on a temporary visa, leading subsequently to the coveted green card. Temporary entry of this type may apply to visas based on employment, to spousal or fiancee visa cases or to persons owning a business in their home country, who may be able to enter initially under an L-1 visa.

Our US associates help people and businesses in all areas of immigration including those with non-immigrant and immigrant needs, with particular experience and capabilities in the following:

  • Employment-based Immigration (H, L, O, P, R, and TN) visas
  • Permanent resident (“green card” applications)
  • Visitor visas for business or pleasure
  • “Schedule A” Occupations for nurses and physical therapists
  • F-1 Student and J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa Consultation
  • Family and marriage-based immigration or fiancee visas
  • Consular processing
  • United States Citizenship Applications
  • Foreign Investor Visas (the E-1, E-2 and EB-5) visa categories
  • Employer Compliance/Audits
  • Visa extensions and change of status
  • Litigation and Court representation