Sponsoring Your Spouse or Partner

The family class does not cover a fiance – generally you need to be married or to have lived together for at least 1 year before a sponsorship application may be filed.

Spouses and common-law partners may be sponsored solely from within Canada, although in this instance there is no right of appeal if the application is denied. Usually a sponsorship application processed outside Canada will be a better choice, however there are some circumstances where an ‘inland’ application is preferable. An open work permit is available to ‘inland’ applicants, which has increased the number of couples applying through that route.

See copy of CIC announcement on May 18, 2005 about sponsorship of out-of-status spouses from within Canada.

Please note: if you are not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, marriage to a Canadian does not automatically entitle you to live in Canada – your spouse must sponsor you for immigration to Canada.

We take pleasure in helping couples deal with the practical ramifications of these issues and guiding them through the formalities.

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