Appeals of the Residency Obligation

Permanent residents of Canada are obliged to meet certain residency requirements in order to maintain their status. These obligations amount to a requirement to spend at least 730 days in each 5-year period since becoming a permanent resident physically residing in Canada. Alternatively a permanent resident may comply with the regulations by (under certain conditions) working for a Canadian company outside Canada. A permanent resident accompanying their spouse or common-law partner who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and who is working for a Canadian company outside Canada may similarly be deemed to be complying with the residency obligations.

It is important to know that a permanent resident does not lose their status until they voluntarily relinquish it (usually at the request of Citizenship and Immigration Canada when their permanent resident card has expired and they apply for a Travel Document to return to Canada), or if it is determined at a Hearing that they have lost their permanent resident status.

A permanent resident may also lose their status in Canada as a result of convictions for serious criminal offenses

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