Express Entry and other Economic Class programs

The Government of Canada has implemented a new method for selecting economic class applications for processing. This new program requires applicants to qualify under the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Class, Canadian Experience Class, or to be selected as a Provincial Nominee under the new program, known as Express Entry.

The other requirements for Express Entry are as follows:

  • applicants will need to have completed an approved language test
  • applicants will need to have had their qualifications evaluated
  • all applicants will be placed in a pool
  • applicants will be selected from the pool based on a new Comprehensive Ranking System
  • applicants with approved Labour Market Impact Analysis applications (LMIAs) or Provincial Nominations will receive much higher priority
  • employers with approved LMIAs will be able to select applicants from the pool
  • a computer program will be run periodically to select those applicants with the highest scores and those chosen will receive an Invitation to Apply for permaneet residence

The new Comprehensive Ranking System is intended to take into account the degree of success that previous immigrants with qualifications similar to those of the applicant have enjoyed in Canada, and the scoring will be done accordingly.

Many Canadian Provinces have modified their nomination procedures to allow applicants to be chosen through Express Entry, or have designed their own Express Entry program.

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