Dear Client,

The purpose of this document is to explain Best Place Immigration’s responsibilities to you in collecting and storing your personal information, and in furnishing information to the relevant government authorities as may be required to progress your application. Immigration applications contain extremely sensitive information, and our dealings with clients are governed by both Federal Privacy Legislation, and in British Columbia by B.C. Privacy Legislation, as also in some circumstances by OECD and European Union legislation. We collect information solely for the purpose of Canadian immigration applications, which are governed by Canadian law, and are not subject to the laws of any other country. All our communications with clients are rightly regarded as subject to attorney-client privilege. In addition, the position of an immigration representative with respect to a client is governed by a Code of Ethics. In particular, we adhere to the following principles CONFIDENTIALITY An Immigration Consultant has a duty to hold in strict confidence all information concerning the personal and business affairs of the Client acquired during the course of the professional relationship, and should not disclose such information unless disclosure is expressly or impliedly authorized by the Client, is required by law, or is otherwise permitted by the Rules. An Immigration Consultant shall take all reasonable steps to ensure the privacy and safekeeping of a Client’s confidential information. An Immigration Consultant shall not disclose the fact of having been consulted or retained by a person unless the nature of the matter requires such disclosure. Subject to being compelled by law or legal process, an Immigration Consultant shall preserve the Client’s confidential information even after the termination of the retainer, whether or not differences have arisen between the Immigration Consultant and the Client. An Immigration Consultant should ensure that Employees and Agents maintain and preserve the Client’s confidential information In closing, our Policy is that our organization and any agents or employees connected with it act as your trusted adviser, and will never disclose any information relating to you or your immigration application without your express permission. We will safeguard your information with considerable care, and we do not store any of your financial information either on our web-site or on our computer systems. WE do not use Cookies.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if at any time if you have concerns over the safeguarding of your information. Kind regards, Best Place Immigration