Beautiful British Columbia has everything from lakes, oceans and rivers to mountains, plains and valleys. There are numerous outdoor activities available as well as a moderate climate that is comfortable for anyone. British Columbia was the host of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

Streams and Categories

The British Columbia’s Provincial Nominee program is divided into three streams: Express Entry, Skills Immigration and Entrepreneur Immigration. If you fit into any of the categories outlined in either of the streams described below you could be eligible for a permanent residence visa. For more information, Contact Us

Job Offer Applicants

You must have been offered full-time long term employment and fit into one of the categories below

Skilled Workers: Managers, professionals, technologists, technicians and skilled trades workers
Designated Health Professionals: Registered nurses, midwives, registered psychiatric nurses, physicians, specialists or an allied health professional such as a diagnostic medical sonographer, a clinical pharmacist, or a medical laboratory technologist.

International Graduates: Recent graduates of recognized BC post-secondary institutions
International Post-Graduates: Recent BC masters and doctoral graduates in natural, applied and health science
Entry Level and Semi-skilled Pilot Project: Tourism/hospitality, Food processing and long-haul truck drivers. Most semi-skilled or unskilled positions located in a Region of North-Eastern British Columbia.

Express Entry BC is a faster way for Skilled Workers and International Graduates to immigrate. There is a “Tech pilot” program to enable high-technology companies to bring in skilled workers who are on BCs list of related occupations faster.

Business Immigrants

Business immigrants are entrepreneurs with capital and a good record of success, who are interested in starting or acquiring a business in British Columbia that will generate full-time jobs. An online processing system has been introduced which enables the Province to prioritize intending business applicants.  Not all business applications will even be considered by the Province. If you are an entrepreneur interested in this program contact us to maximize your chances of success. Business immigrants will also register via an online system, however it is critical to be able to put in an application which will lead to selection under BC’s extremely competitive business streams. Larger companies may also utilize our services to establish operations in BC and bring in new employees.