Newfoundland is located on the Atlantic coast of Canada. Here you can see icebergs, whales, birds and lots of wildlife. This Province has a booming economy with large manufacturing, mining and oil industries. It’s a great place to learn about fishing or spend lots of time outside enjoying the wilderness.

Streams and Categories

Newfoundland’s provincial nominee program is divided into several streams. If you fit into anyone of the categories outlined below you could be eligible for a permanent residence visa. For more information, Contact Us

Express Entry Applicants

Persons who have been accepted into the Federal Government’s Express Entry pool and who have an offer from an eligible employer in Newfoundland and Labrador may apply under this stream.

Other Skilled Worker Applicants

The basic requirements include that you must have been offered full-time long term employment by a Newfoundland/Labrador Employer and have or are eligible to obtain a work permit for that position, possess sufficient settlement funds, and have an adequate knowledge of English

Other detailed eligibility criteria for this stream apply

International Student

Basic requirements are as follows: You have received a post-secondary degree/diploma of at least 2 years in length from a Newfoundland and Labrador Post-Secondary institution and have obtained a full time job offer from a Newfoundland employer.

Outside the Provincial Nominee Program, applicants to Newfoundland and Labrador may also be able to apply under the Federal Pilot Program for the Atlantic Provinces.