As the most populated Canadian province, Ontario is a wonderful place to live. The southern region of Ontario is home to large metropolitan cities and four of Canada’s Great Lakes, while the northern region of Ontario houses some of the most beautiful forests in Canada. There are many tourist attractions including Niagara falls and the Ontario Legislature.

Streams and Categories

Listed below are the preliminary requirements for each of the OPNP programs.

Investment Stream

This stream is divided into two subcategories: the Corporate Stream and the Entrepreneur Stream.  For the Corporate Stream, an investment of at least 5 million dollars and 5 full-time positions must be created. For the entrepreneur stream, individuals, with or without a business partner, must (each) make a minimum investment of at least $500,000 for the purchase of a business, or to start a business, in Ontario (if the business is in Toronto, the investment requirement is increased to $1,000,000). Job creation is required, as is a minimum level of language ability. Applicants are required to apply online with an Expression of Interest.  If you believe you fit into this, or any one of the following categories you could be eligible for a permanent residence visa. For more information, Contact Us

Foreign Worker Stream

You have been offered a skilled job (at NOC Level 0, A or B) in Ontario, your employer has applied for pre-screening of the position, and has been approved.

International Student

You have a Master degree or a PhD from a University in Ontario. You can apply directly to the Ontario PNP.

Express Entry

Applicants to the Federal Express Entry Program may be eligible for a nomination from Ontario under the Human Capital stream, or as a French-speaking applicant with good knowledge of English.