Dear Client,

The purpose of this document is to explain Best Place Immigration’s Refund Policies. In the case of a consultation paid for in advance online, no fee will be charged if the Client withdraws from the consultation before it commences. Once the consultation begins, no refund will be made. In the case of an in-person consultation, the Client will be asked to sign a “Consultation Agreement” agreeing to pay a set fee for the consultation when they arrive at our offices. Once the Client signs the agreement, the consultation fee is payable, and no refunds will be made. In the case where we agree to advise, represent and assist you with an immigration matter you will be asked to sign an agreement governing the terms of the contract between us before we start work on the matter. Under Canadian contract law, a contract does not exist until such time as the parties reach an agreement and a consideration is paid. Therefore, once you sign our contract and we commence services, no refund of the initial fee paid should be expected. Further refunds of additional fees, if any, are governed by the terms of the contract you sign. The contract further advises you of your right to seek independent legal advice and to obtain a translation of any phrases or sentences that are unclear to you prior to entering into the contract.

Kind regards,

Best Place Immigration