The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) is the new Regulatory body for immigration consultants and has committed to ensuring that all RCICs (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants) provide the public with competent and honest service. Our principal, Ron Liberman, is an RCIC.

In order to protect the public, ICCRC sets educational standards, accredits immigration practitoners, provides and enforces a Code of Conduct and defines the standards to be used for Trust Accounts into which client and immigration fees are paid. All the criteria established by ICCRC must be met in order for an individual to be an ICCRC member and an authorized representative in dealings with the Canadian Government.

Our Immigration Services

Best Place Immigration offers professional help with all applications for moving to Canada: obtaining permanent residence, and moving to Canada as a temporary or permanent resident. This applies whether your needs involve spousal sponsorship, other family class applications, or whether you are looking for a discussion forum, information about appeals, a work permit, or want a competent migration consultant to assist you with applications and representation. We help independent immigrants, investors,business applicants, entrepreneurs, skilled workers, and with Canada visa applications based on marriage or having a Canadian partner, as well as with appeals. Your Best Place consultant is fully qualified to advise and assist you with all types of Canadian visa applications including Canada Experience Class and Provincial Nominations and can assist you if appeals are needed.

Use only authorized Canada immigration consultants

It is a serious offense for anyone to offer paid immigration advice, immigration services or representation in immigration matters without being accredited by the Regulator for their profession

Immigration methods

Suitably accredited Canada immigration consultants can advise you which of the following Canadian immigration categories to use in order to immigrate to Canada – or sometimes they may suggest alternate options

Note: Working or studying in Canada can make it easier to obtain permanent residence in the independent category. In some cases, it may allow you to immigrate from within Canada in the CEC category. It may also help you to qualify for Canadian citzienship. Half the time spent in Canada as a temporay resident immediately before you become a permanent resident counts towards Citizenship. The maximum credit you can claim in this way is 1 year.

Contact us with any questions about the above Canadian immigration categories.