The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) has become an extremely effective way for temporary residents of Canada to obtain a permanent residence visa. Applicants must meet language criteria in either English or French.

Only one year of full-time skilled work in Canada at National Occupational Levels levels 0, A, or B is required. Minimum language requirements are greater for those persons whose experience is at the managerial level i.e. at NOC Skill Level 0. Part time work experience is also acceptable, provided the total number of hours worked is equivalent to one year of full-time work experience. All qualifying work experience must have been obtained in the 36 months before you apply.

Age is not a criterion, and even applicants with only high school eduaction may immigrate if they have the required work experience. This is nevertheless an effective way for educated applicants e.g. graduates of Canadian Universities, to immigrate once they have acquired sufficient postgraduate work experience.

We can assist clients who qualify to prepare their Canadian Experience Class application.

Before they can immigrate, candidates who qualify in this category will still have to Ranked through Express Entry’s Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) and receive an Invitation to Apply.