Student permits for Canada

Minor children of Canadian workers are automatically allowed to study at the elementary or secondary level in school. A student permit can however be obtained in this situation.

In most other cases foreign nationals need a student permit before starting to study in Canada.

To obtain a student permit (other than for minor children) requires that the foreign national first have an offer of acceptance from an educational institution in Canada. The rule is that the initial application for a student permit must be made outside Canada. Foreign nationals are also required to show they have adequate funds to maintain themselves while studying in Canada.

Canada has many good educational institutions at which foreign students can study. The choice of an educational institution may prove to be very important, as some of these allow the student to obtain an off campus work permit after 6 months of study, and to obtain a postgraduate work permit after succesful graduation.

Studying in Canada may give a foreign national, if the appropriate course of study is chosen, the opportunity to obtain permanent residence once they graduate. This may be an appropriate solution for couples, as the spouse or common-law partner of a foreign student in Canada is eligible to apply for an open work permit to work in Canada while their partner is studying.

Additionally, persons studying for a PhD in Canada may be able to apply for a permanent residence visa once they have completed two years of study.

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