Temporary work permits for Canada

The immigration rules regarding working in Canada are complex, however in most instances foreign nationals will require an offer of employment and a work permit before starting to work for an employer in Canada.

Obtaining a work permit in Canada often requires first obtaining a Labour Market Opinion (“LMO”) from Service Canada.

The LMO requires employers to meet specific advertising requirements in order to demonstrate there is a Labour Market Shortage in the specific occupation for which the employer is seeking to hire a foreign national, and as a result the employer is unable to find suitable Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada to fill the vacancy.

Advertising requirements differ, depending on whether the employment offer is for a skilled position, or is considered to fall into the low-skilled category.

Procedure for obtaining a Work Permit
Once the Labour Market Opinion is issued, the foreign national may apply for a work permit. In some cases application will need to be made to a visa post overseas together with application for a temporary resident visa. In other instances, application for a work permit may be made at a Port of Entry, or inland if the applicant is already in Canada.

An alternative, if a Labour Market Opinion is required for the employee to work in Canada, may be to obtain a Provincial Nomination. In either of these situations, once a skilled worker has received a work permit and is working for an employer, they will usually be able to apply for permanent residence.

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