Immigration Problems

Criminal inadmissibility

A number of personal issues may make it more difficult or impossible for people wanting to immigrate to Canada. Criminal inadmissibility may arise from a conviction outside or within Canada, and even sometimes without an actual conviction being registered.

A finding of “serious criminality” on the part of a permanent residence may result in a Removal Order being issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The visa officer does have discretion not to issue the Order however, and professional representation by us may help to avoid it being issued. If a Removal Order is issued, we can represent the permanent resident at subsequent Hearings at the Immigration Division and the Immigration Appeal Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada in an attempt to stop the removal.

Medical inadmissibility

Medical inadmissibility is generally more important in the case of applicants for permanent residence, since temporary residents may not be eligible for the same medical coverage in Canada. Medical inadmissibility for permanent residents is generally assessed at the time the application for permanent residence is processed.

Inadmissibility on criminal or medical grounds is a serious matter, and once an immigration officer has determined that a foreign nationsal is inadmissible, the law does not allow that individual to enter into, or remain in, Canada. We may however be able to help you with these issues.