Why Come To Canada?

Canada is a well developed and stable democratic country. It has a strong economy, with a positive balance of payments, a strong currency and a high standard of living. It has been ranked the best country, or among the best countries, by the United Nations Human Development Report for the last 6 years. The report is based on life expectancy, educational opportunities, income and other measures of the quality of life.

Beautiful Country

With beautiful cities, rich with diverse cultures, Canada is one of the most splendid countries; it has some of the world’s most extraordinary mountain ranges, prairies, rivers, lakes, and forests. Canada’s cities range from large industrial cities to suburban farm lands. The country has immigrants from Africa, Asia, Europe, America, and just about everywhere. Their individual cultures and views are respected and show-cased throughout the country. Our government has laws to protect and encourage immigrants to maintain their own beliefs. With the lowest crime rate in the industrial countries and a reputation of being free from divisiveness and strife, Canada is a wonderful place to live.

Children’s Right to Education

All children have a right to go to school, and Canada ensures that all children are given this right, by offering free public schools up until the high school level. Canadian residents are eligible for subsidized University-level education. The Canadian education system is very well recognized throughout the world.

Health Care System

The modern health care system is among the best in the world, and is offered to all Canadian residents. The average life expectancy of a Canadian is 76.5 years.

A New Life

In Canada you can start a new life, with endless opportunities ahead of you. The country offers support to every individual, trying to make sure that every citizen feels at home. Make Canada your new home, and it’ll be a life changing experience that you’ll never forget.